Hi, and welcome to Delightfully Italy, the insider’s Italy travel guide to Independent travelers!

I’m Jean-Pierre, serial traveler, life enthusiast, passionate for art, culture, beauty, food and, most of all, Italy.

In the early sixties, my father fell in love with Italy and with a lovely Italian woman, who then became his wife and my mother. I grew up in Italy, and, guess what, I fell in love as well with this amazingly beautiful country.

Over the years I traveled Italy extensively, and I keep on doing it. Actually this is my favorite occupation besides my family and friends.

Italy is full of treasures and some are very well known, just like Venice, Rome or Tuscany: these are Italy mainstream destinations. The good new is that many other Italian regions are just as fascinating, and still off the beaten path! These are the ones I like the most, since they really make you feel as a traveler more than a tourist.

I have in mind regions like Lombardy (this is were I live), Emilia Romagna (this is were my girlfriend lives!), UmbriaApulia, or towns like Verona or Naples . These are truly fantastic places, that the rushy travelers often forget to consider when planning their Italian trip, for a very simple reason: they don’t know how amazing these destinations are!

This site is aimed at sharing my favorite places, itineraries and recommendations, (“trips and tips”), as well as my passion for “off the beaten track” itineraries in this beautiful country. It is aimed to assist and advice the independent travelers to Italy and to provide them with insider’s knowledge, suggestions and guidance.

Delightfullyitaly started as a rather messy blog, and the amount of posts and information became rapidly so large that I had to drastically reshape it. Now the contents are much more easy to find and to navigate.

All resources are easily accessible from the main menu:

  • Italy destinations: my Italy Travel posts, organized by regions
  • Trip Planning: optimized itinerary to get the most out of your trip, based on your available time
  • Travel itineraries: these are organized by purpose (food and  wine, experiences, travel with kids) rather than by regions
  • Signature hotels: my personal selection of charming hotels with a true Italian flavor, with a link to booking.com, in case you wish to reserve them
  • Travel advice: here I offer the possibility to directly assist independent travelers to Italy in planning their trip

I’m funding the new site release and the upgraded technical platform by participating to a number of selected affiliation programs: booking.com, Tickebar and Viator. This means that if you make a booking I receive a small commission, at no extra cost for you. Most delightfullyitaly.com users found these services fairly useful to integrate and speed up their trip planning.

So welcome to Italy and happy Italy Travel!


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