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Via dell'Amore

You may be puzzled by Italian politics and organization, but you can’t avoid falling in love with Italy culture, sights and charm.

This is exactly what happend to me, and even after 40 years spent in this country I just can’t stop feeling in love with the art, the food, the views, the weather and the people. There’s so much to do, see and enjoy!

Sad enough, the usual “pizza, pasta, mandolino” cliché is hard to die, and most visitors may get trapped in a “classical” tour and miss the best.

Delightfully Italy is aimed at sharing my favorite places, itineraries and recommendations, (“trips and tips”), as well as my passion for “off the beaten track” itineraries in this beautiful country.

Some quick notes:

– I’ve been (usually many times) to all the places I talk about (including hotels and restaurants). My posts are hands on, live comments. Real life, no invention.

– I’m suggesting only places and hotels/restaurant I really liked. No mercenary posts in delightfullyitaly.com (don’t need that to make my living!)

– I shoot most of the pictures I post. Please don’t copy and use them without my approval, it’s against the law. Said so, I’ll be more than happy to grant you free usage of my picture if you quote me and my blog.

– I may use somebody else’s picture if I describe a restaurant or a hotel. In this case I may use pictures from their web site (it’s a referral). Keep it in mind before infringing copyright laws.

So here we go, off the beaten track!

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