Walking tour in Trastevere: perfect itinerary in Rome most typical district

Explore Trastevere, an unmissable neighborhood in Rome. All the info you need to enjoy this lovely area, including pictures and Google map.

Trastevere walking tour overview

Have you ever dreamed to discover what Rome looked like a couple of centuries ago? Narrow stone paved streets lined by medieval houses? Then take a Trastevere walking tour to enjoy this charming medieval neighborhood full of romance and history. My Trastevere walking tour Google map will help you find your way in the maze of this unique district.

Trastevere is named for its position ‘over the Tiber’. Separated from the heart of central Rome by the river, the area retained its narrow lanes and working-class population when the rest of Rome began its nineteenth-century expansion. Despite its being a major touristic destination, it has managed to preserve a strong local (and “Roman”!) identity. Therefore, it’s not too difficult to step off the main routes and escape the masses. To make sure you have Trastevere all for yourself, plan your visit in the morning and take some time to walk out of the beaten path.

Trastevere could also be an interesting district to spend your days in Rome: it’s a charming neighborhood, close to the city center and to St Peter. You should consider it as you top location when looking for a place to stay in Rome.

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Here is the itinerary, click on the image to access google Maps for more details.

Trastevere walking tour-Walk in Trastevere Map

Trastevere Rome map – half day walking tour in Trastevere

Trastevere walking tour: via della Lungara and botanical garden

Your walking tour in Trastevere could start by crossing Ponte Sisto stone Footbridge (you can easily get there from Campo de Fiori, after visiting its bustling market).

Trastevere walking tour-Walk in Trastevere 1_Wikipedia
Ponte Sisto – Courtesy of Wikipedia

Just in front of Ponte Sisto you will find Piazza Trilussa, one of the main gathering places of the Roman night life. Keep walking on your right, until you get to Porta Settimiana, one of the 3 ancient gateways in the Aurelian walls on this side of the river.

Trastevere walking tour

Porta Settiniana, leading to via della LungaraStroll through  Porta Settimiana to via della Lungara, and after 300 meters you will find a totally neglected Trastevere Jewell: Villa Farnesina. This opulent Renaissance villa, is home to many incredible frescoes by artists such as Raphael. The entry ticket is definitely worth the price, especially after the recent fresco restoration.

Trastevere walking tour

Trastevere walking tour

Coming back to Porta Settimiana, notice on your left Palazzo Corsini, a baroque palace with a collection of antique art by Titian and Caravaggio and, at the end of via Corsini, the second hidden Jewell of this itinerary: the Orto Botanico (botanic garden), an oasis with more than 7000 plant species, and a perfect place to take a rest.

Trastevere walking tour

Coming back in via Corsini, take a look at the mosaic workshop on your right, Aegea Mosaics. Watching the skilled artisans at work is simply fascinating. Aegea Mosaics also organizes courses, including “intensive” day courses – from 2 to 7 hours.

Trastevere walking tour

Trastevere walking tour: Santa Maria in Trastevere neighborhood

From here, get back to via della Lungara, heading towards Santa Maria in Trastevere church, and loose yourself in the fascinating maze of narrow lanes at Trastevere’s heart. Plants scramble down walls from garden terraces. Flowers hung to the old walls and washing hangs out to dry. Chipped Virgin Marys look down from shrines on street corners. Don’t be afraid: get off the main routes and discover the many touches of authentic local color!

Trastevere walking tour

Trastevere walking tour

Trastevere walking tour

Trastevere walking tour

Trastevere walking tour

Trastevere walking tour

Eventually, the beautiful square of Santa Maria in Trastevere will appear to your right. The square is a lovely and lively place, full of locals, tourists and buskers. You can take a seat in one of the pricey cafés along the square or simply sit on the steps of the central fountain: both are great places for people-watching and to look at buskers exhibitions – some are really good.

The  square is dominated by 12th-century Basilica di Santa Maria in Trastevere, one of the oldest Churches of Rome (the basic floor plan and wall structure of the church date back to the 340s), and perhaps the first in which Mass was openly celebrated.

Trastevere walking tour

Trastevere walking tour

Trastevere walking tour - Santa Maria in Trastevere
Santa Mri ain Trastevere – courtesy of Wikipdia

Inside the church are a number of late 13th-century mosaics by Pietro Cavallini on the subject of the Life of the Virgin (1291) centering on a “Corontation of the Virgin” in the apse.

Trastevere walking tour - Santa Maria in Trastevere

After your visit to the basilica, walk along via della Lungaretta towards Viale Trastevere. This busy street has countless restaurants, popular with both Romans and tourists.

Trastevere walking tour

Trastevere walking tour

Trastevere walking tour

You will also have the possibility of purchasing stylish local souvenirs…

Trastevere walking tour

Trastevere walking tour: Santa Cecilia neighborhood

Now cross Viale Trastevere to discover the fourth highlight of this walk: the church of Santa Cecilia.

The neighborhood south to viale Trastevere is much more quiet, and among the medieval houses you will be able to spot ancient roman remains.

Trastevere walking tour

Trastevere walking tour

The church of Santa Cecilia in Trastevere is one of Rome’s more interesting churches. The Basilica di Santa Cecilia was built on top of the saint’s house.

In the year 230 Santa Cecilia supposedly survived decapitation for three days. Legend says that when her tomb was opened in 1599 her body was in-corrupt.

Trastevere walking tour

Indeed, the statue by the altar is based on the  undecayed body found in her coffin in the sixteenth-century.

Trastevere walking tour

The young martyr statue, her face covered by voile and turned down to the ground, is a touching masterpiece.

Trastevere walking tour

Trastevere walking tour

Once out of the church, walk to nearby romantic Piazza dei Mercanti, where you will find two nice restaurants (typical… and rather touristic). Otherwise, stop for a rest and to taste some traditional roman dish at the Roma Sparita restaurant, in Pizza Santa Cecilia.

Trastevere walking tour

Trastevere walking tour

www.delightfullyitaly_Rome-Walk in Trastevere 31

Coming back to Viale Trastevere, enjoy this quiet neighborhood. Take some time to browse through the original and fancy boutiques and workshop that dot the area.

www.delightfullyitaly_Rome-Walk in Trastevere 22

www.delightfullyitaly_Rome-Walk in Trastevere 32

www.delightfullyitaly_Rome-Walk in Trastevere 33

www.delightfullyitaly_Rome-Walk in Trastevere 34

www.delightfullyitaly_Rome-Walk in Trastevere 35

Trastevere walking tour: Tiber shore and Isola Tiberina

Once on the Tiber shore, at the crossing with Viale Trastevere, you can’t Miss the Sora Mirella Grattachecca kiosk.

Grattachecca is an old, traditional Roman delicacy, today almost disappeared. To make a Grattachecca you take a huge block of ice (“Checca” in Roman dialect). Then you grate it with the specific tool (“gratta”) until you have enough grated ice to fill a large glass. Eventually you put syrup on it (lemon, mint, strawbery, well, actually whatever flavor you like.

Here is your delicious and refreshing Grattachecca!

www.delightfullyitaly_Rome-Walk in Trastevere 36

www.delightfullyitaly_Rome-Walk in Trastevere 37

After your reinvigorating Grattachecca, you are now ready to visit adjacent Isola Tiberina. Fom there you can continue to the old Jewish Ghetto,  the Palatino or, to lazily lay down and have a well deserved nap (“pennichella”, in Roman dialect).

www.delightfullyitaly_Rome-Walk in Trastevere 38

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Enjoy your Trastevere walking tour!

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  2. Jean-Pierre you’re a wonderful guide through Trastevere, we’ll remember, thank you!

  3. The walk gave some useful information about less well known places to visit which we enjoyed. However we got lost in the maze of streets which took us through some “not so picturesque” areas and when we finally arrived at St Cecilia’s church at 15:30 hrs on Wednesday it was unfortunately closed to the public.

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