Corso Como and Porta Nuova walking tour: discover trendy Milan

Top places to eat, drink and shop in posh corso Como and Porta Nuova Milan neighborhoods. Live the Milan movida and discover new trends. 

Como and Porta Nuova Milan posh districts

In this walking tour I’d like to introduce you to corso Como, Milan and the brand new Porta Nuova neighborhood. This is my favorite area in Milan for shopping, food and Aperitivo.

Milan may not have Rome or Florence classical beauty, but it is indeed a fascinating city, full of contrasts and always balancing between its historical roots and its aspiration to the future.

Nowhere else in Italy you will feel the same energy, and nowhere else you will find the same refinements in terms of food, fashion and design.

This corso Como walking itinerary will allow you to discover some of the most trendy places in Milan, included the brand new Eataly store, where you will be able to find, purchase and eat the quintessence of Italian food.


Corso Como_walking tour Porta Nuova_Map
Walking tour itinerary – click to open the interactive Google Map

What is amazing in this tour is the contrast between the XIX century remains and the futuristic buildings that popped up around the traditional old houses.

Porta Volta

Let’s start this walk in Porta Volta, once one of Milan northern toll gates.

Admire the beautiful neoclassical arch, and then raise your eyes to look at Italy tallest building, the Unicredit Tower (231 meters).

Corso Como_Porta Volta with Porta Nuova Real Estate development in the landscape
Porta Volta, the gate to Corso Como

Corso Como_walking tour Porta Nuova_210

Corso Como_walking tour Porta Nuova_213

Walk through the arch, once a customs office, which now hosts design furniture show cases.

On your right you will find the brand new flagsip store of Eataly, a company related to the “slow food” association, which mission is to identify, preserve and bring to the top end Italian food aficionados top end foods produced all over Italy.

Actually you can find a Eataly stores in New York as well as in some other Italian cities such as Torino and Rome, but the one in Milan is really special.

Corso Como_Eataly brand new cristal facade
Eataly brand new cristal facade

Build inside a former theater, the new Eataly store is just that: the stage of Italian food excellence.

You will be able to purchase top quality food including fresh food such as meat, fish and vegetables.

You can also eat  in one of the several restaurants, each one specialized in a particular kind of cooking, from bio Pizzas to a two star upscale restaurant.

And of course have your aperitivo or attend a cooking course or a food conference.

Oh, on top of that, customers can enjoy live concerts! Wow!

Eataly interior from the escalator
Eataly interior from the escalator

The concerts stage
The concerts stage
Eataly from the lobby
Eataly from the lobby

Just in front of Eataly, hidden in a XIX century building courtyard, you will find a real Jewell for all those who like Italian design: the High Tech Store.

If you are looking for trendy stuff, from furniture, design objects, kitchen and house ware, stationary and s on, well, you are going to find it here. It’s a fascinating place, and I can’t help spending there half an afternoon each time i visit it.

Beware, you could easily get addicted!

High tech entrance, from a XIX century courtyard
High Tech entrance, from a XIX century courtyard
Corso Como 10 dry goods
High Tech 10 dry goods
Corso Como 10 home
High Tech 10 home

Corso Como

Once you are out of High Tech store, turn right and head to Corso Como.

This delightful pedestrian street is a perfect place for an Aperitivo, and hosts a number of fancy and trendy fashion boutiques.

Corso Como_walking tour Porta Nuova_217
Corso Como
Corso Como_Fashion boutique shop window
Fashion boutique shop window

In corso Como you will find a real Milanese shopping icon: 10 Corso Como.

10 Corso Como is a fashionable shopping and dining complex that  combines outlets that show and sell works of art, fashion, music, design, cuisine and culture.

It is mainly a café and a restaurant , but it also includes an art gallery, a bookshop, a design and fashion store and a Roof Garden. It’s a fantastic place for an aperitivo or a romantic dinner.

Corso Como_10 Corso Como inner entrance
10 Corso Como inner entrance
Corso Como_The outside bar
The outside bar
Corso Como_Corso Como 10 book shop
Corso Como 10 book shop

At the end of Corso Como, a futuristic path will lead you Piazza Gae Aulenti, the heart of the Porta Nuova new complex, actually the courtyard of the Unicredit Tower.

Corso Como_From Corso Como to Piazza Gae Aulenti
From Corso Como to Piazza Gae Aulenti
The entrance to Piazza Gae Aulenti
The entrance to Piazza Gae Aulenti
The Unicredit Tower
The Unicredit Tower
Unicredit tower canopies
Unicredit tower canopies

To end with a bang your tour in Trendy Milan, indulge in a nice glass of wine or in a really good Milanese menu at fancy restaurant Ratanà.

The ratanà specializes in traditional Milanese dishes, “modernized” to make them more suitable to present tastes. It has a very modern and lively interior design, that clashes with its truly anachronistic location: an old villa surrounded by skysrapers!

Said so, the food is excellent and the aperitivo served with “rubitt” (traditional small fried meat balls) is unforgettable.

Ratanà anachronistic location
Ratanà anachronistic location
Risotto "Milanese style" (yellow!)
Risotto “Milanese style” (yellow!)
Ratanà aperitifs counter
Ratanà aperitif counter

By the way: in case you are looking for a great place to stay, have a look at my page: where to stay in Milan: the best 3 and 4 stars hotels.

Enjoy your walk in Porta Nuova district!

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  2. 10 Corso Como is one of my favourite shops in the world. I have been to Eataly in Torino, Bologna and New York, now it seems I have to take a special trip to Milan to see the new one. Milan is looking good in your photos…I love the city.

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