Capri: breathtaking Faraglioni and Natural Arch walking tour walking tour_19

 A great walking itinerary to discover Capri stunning natural spots: the Giardini di Augusto, the Faraglioni and the natural arch


Capri, one of the highlights of any Amalfi Coast tour,  is synonymous with stars, style and impossible glamour. However, away from the central Piazzetta, it’s also a place of stunning natural beauty and calm.

I designed this half a day itinerary to let you discover the arguably most famous Capri sights: the Giardini di Augusto, The Faraglioni and the arco naturale. You can complete it with a boat tour of the island (including a visit to famous Grotta Azzurra).

I suggest to walk this path early in the morning, when Giardini di Augusto and Punta Tragara are less crowdy. The tour takes no more than three or four hours, but you can extend it to the whole day if you decide to spend some time to sunbath and swim at the Faraglioni, where you can rent a sunbed at “da Luigi”.

Just a warning: the walk to Punta Tragara is flat and easy, but from there to Faraglioni and Arco Naturale you will  have to climb many stairs and deep rises! It’s actually easier to start the path from the Natural Arch, but the tour is less scenic (in my opinion). Said so, I walked up this path with my 10 years son, and he survived (quite happily, indeed!).

Here is what the walking tour looks like (click on the map to access Google Maps):


1) Piazza Umberto 1° – the famous “Piazzetta” walking tour_2
Capri world wide famous “piazzetta”

2) Walking to the Giardino di Adriano walking tour_17
The luxury Quisisana Hotel and the beginning of Via Tragara walking tour_15
Lemon Juice vendor walking tour_7
Capri old Certosa


3) The Giardini di Augusto and the Via Krupp walking tour_8
The Giardini di Augusto walking tour_6
The faraglioni, from Giardino di Augusto walking tour_9
The Via Krupp, leading to Marina Piccola walking tour_13
Via Krupp – detail walking tour_14
Capri sea colors


4) Via Tragara and the Faraglioni

From giardini di augusto walk up to tthe Quisisana hotel, and turn right in via Tragara, to get to the Punta Tragara Viewpoint. walking tour_22
The causeway to Punta Tragara view point walking tour_23
Marin aPiccola cliffs from Punta Tragara view Point walking tour_25
The Faraglioni, seen from Punta Tragara

From Punta Tragara view Point you can go down to the sea level, along a delightful path under the maritime pines. walking tour_29
Artist painting on the path from Punta Tragara to the Faraglioni “beach”


The Faraglioni and the Da Luigi restaurant and "beach"
The Faraglioni and the Da Luigi restaurant and “beach” walking tour_27
Motor boat at the Faraglioni, ready to head to Marina Piccola walking tour_28
Southern Italy modesty!


5) The path to the natural arch walking tour_30
The Faraglioni, from the path to the natural arch walking tour_31
Scoglio del Monacone walking tour_32
The famous Curzio Malaparte house walking tour_33
The natural arch walking tour_37
“Aperitivo” after the long walk at “Le Grottelle” restaurant

At the end of the tour, look for the restaurant “Lo Sfizio” : it’s a small place which caters local people. Food is excellent, and prices are much lower than what you may be asked around the Piazzetta. You must try the “Scialatielli ai frutti id mare”, a local hand made pasta with sea food: amazingly good! walking tour_18
“Lo Sfizio” restaurant walking tour_39
Delicious Scialatielli ai frutti di mare

Enjoy Capri!

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9 Replies to “Capri: breathtaking Faraglioni and Natural Arch walking tour”

  1. Dear Jean-Pierre,

    Can you please tell me the cost of this tour?

    Kind regards,

    Shannon Kenny

    Partner/CEO, ViaPapera

    +1 805.680.7913

    Elaia Travel | Arte al Sole |

    1. Hi Shannon, the cost of this tour is actually… nothing! I did it on myself, and i think that anybody could do the same just with a map, the path is very well indicated. Local guides are available, but I didn’t check the cost.
      I personally did it during a 2 days tour to Capri with my son, coming from Naples by hydrofoil, and continuing to Sorrento and the Amalfi coast (I rented a car in Sorrento).
      Feel free to drop me a note should you wish to have more info.

  2. What is the distance? I just completed it today and it was wonderful but I’d like to know how far it actually is

    1. Hi Nellie, I’m so glad you enjoyed this amazing walk. Actually I don’t know the exact distance (and wasn’t able to find it on the web). My personal estimation is no more than 2 KM from the natural arch to the Punta Tragara viewpoint, something around 3 Km if you consider the complete round trip from the Piazzetta.

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