Weekly photo challenge: work of art

 Venice magic, liquefied in its canals


For this “Weekly photo challenge: Work of Art” I’d like to share with you a number of pictures I shot in Venice this winter.

It was a cold but sunny afternoon, no wind at all, and ancient building reflections in the canals, close to Campo Santa Margherita, looked like impressionist paintings. Breathtaking!

I hope you will like them!

,   www.delightfullyitaly.com_venice reflections_4 www.delightfullyitaly.com_venice reflections_5 www.delightfullyitaly.com_venice reflections_6 www.delightfullyitaly.com_venice reflections_7 www.delightfullyitaly.com_venice reflections_8

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To see more Venice pictures click here https://delightfullyitaly.com/category/veneto/venice/

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