Italian images: full stories in a single frame.

So many stories in Italian pictures….


What do these pictures tell you? Which hidden story do they inspire?

Comment and tell us what they inspire to you!

Have fun with this week contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge!

www.delightfullyitaly_Rome-Walk in Trastevere 13

Trastevere, Rome, early in the morning Where is she going with her dog?

www.delightfullyitaly_Rome-Walk in Trastevere 14

Trastevere, Rome: laundry.


Val Gardena, South Tyrol – slopes indications on the Sella Ronda tour. Which way will you go?

www.delightfullyitaly.com_Spanish steps_46

Fontana di Trevi, Rome: the true and the fake (neptune looks really upset…)

www.delightfullyitaly.com_Spanish steps_16b

Piazza del Popolo fountain, Rome: tourists taking rest. Were do they come from? What have they seen so far?

www.delightfullyitaly.com_walking tour Porta Nuova_072

Milano: shopping in posh Corso Como. Are you going to get in and have a look?


Taormina, Sicily: July holy procession. What will they do on Taormina main square?

Delightfullyitaly_Assisi_Via Crucis_0

Assisi: cross holder late to the Way of the Cross…


Verona, house of Juliet: love messages. Did they work?


Verona, house of Juliet: love lockers. How many of these love promises are still alive?


Gubbio: the Fiat 500, the policeman and the lady speaking at her mobile phone. Is she going to get fined?

Visit Rome_night_Piazza navona_Painters 3_01

Piazza Navona, Rome: street artists trying to sell his services. Who is going to ask for a portrait?

Venezia - Mastro vetraio

Murano, Venice, Italy: glass master starting creating a masterpiece from melted glass. What will it be?


Sant’antimo, Montalcino, Tuscany: traditional mass, with live Gregorian chants. Can you feel the atmospfhere?


Montallcino, Tuscany: local character, and its dog, on the main square. What is he saying and what is it point at?

Delighted tourist

Young tourist in the old Jewish ghetto, Rome. Why is he so happy, and what is she looking at?


Trastevere, Rome: Indian waiter dressed in typical roman apparel, serving in a typical Trastevere restaurant. How did it get there?


Trastevere, Rome. Street musician double bass and hat. What next?

6 thoughts on “Italian images: full stories in a single frame.

  1. The pictures take us inside of the stories. I guess that the lady of Trastevere is going to buy some fresh ingredients to make a delicious pasta, while the wine is cooling in the fridge. As for Verona’s lockers, I could not help thing the same: how many oh those promises are still alive?
    Great job here, congrats!


  2. I Love the Gubbio:Fiat picture! She is not worried about the police, he is related to her! However, she can’t remember how many plates to buy at the pottery, they were all sooooooo nice! She is calling her daughter to let her know she is not bringing the Fiat home just yet!


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