Gubbio, medieval perfection in Umbria

The Roman Theater and the old town of Gubbio

Discover Gubbio, a medieval jewel in the heart of beautiful Umbria

Are you looking for the perfect medieval town? Cobblestone streets, Gothic palaces and churches, centuries of history behind every corner? Oh, and you want it in a beautiful natural setting, but far from the mainstream tourist flows?

Well, don’t look any further, and get a ticket to Gubbio!

Gubbio is the oldest town in Umbria, and one of its most beautiful destinations. It’s relatively small, and its main attractions, such as the magnificent Palazzo dei Consoli (Consular Palace),  the renaissance The Palazzo Ducale (Ducal Palace) and the cathedral can be easily visited in half a day and are a perfect day trip from Perugia or Assisi.


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Enjoy your trip to Gubbio!


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6 Replies to “Gubbio, medieval perfection in Umbria”

  1. Thanks for the lovely reminder of our visit to Gubbio. It really is a beautiful medieval jewel and your photos show it off to perfection. We then travelled on Urbino to see Piero della Francesca’s Flagellation. Another glorious city to visit in Bella Italia 🙂

  2. We have been twice to Gubbio, the second time for the race of the candles. It is a gorgeous place and I recognized most of the places in your photos. We will certainly revisit Gubbio in the near future.

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