Gallipoli, the “beautiful town” of Salento

Discover Gallipoli, a fascinating fortified fishing village in the Salento region.


When viewed from the sea, Gallipoli’s white skyline reveals itself in all of its oriental beauty, resembling a village of the Cyclades islands.

Gallipoli is a fishing village Named from the Greek Kallipolis, meaning beautiful city. Located on the southeastern coast of the ‘’Italian heel’’, Gallipoli is celebrated for its crystal clear blue sea and the sandy beaches that make its territory one of the most cherished natural attractions of Salento.

The old town, perched on a limestone islet, is connected to the mainland via an arched bridge. The walls, ramparts and towers that once defended the city from foreign raiders, now accomodate delightful bars and cozy restaurants, and confer the city a special charm that takes visitors back in time.




Every sight highlights Gallipoli deep bond to the sea: the tiny colorful boats, the sea urchin sellers in the market, the seagulls… and the great seafood market!


Once you have completed the city walls tour, just wander and loose yourself in the narrow old streets.

Absolutely not to be missed, the baroque cathedral dedicated to Saint Agatha. It is located in the heart of the historical center, at the crossroads of two of the islet’s main streets, Via Antonietta de Pace and Via Duomo. Built with the characteristic Lecce limestone, the cathedral is a a splendid example of Gallipoli baroque architecture, even though the streets are so narrow that admiring (and taking picture of) its facade is a major challenge!




While admiring the baroque decorations, I noticed this original arm shaped candle holder!


If you feel hungry, the restaurant La Puritate is the best of in the old town. You will find it on the city walls (ask to eat in the beautiful veranda!)



Your final destination for a nap and a swim: the crystal clear blue water of Gallipoli beaches!


Enjoy Gallipoli!

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