Ten unmissable adventures in Italy

A travel to Italy can offer so many great adventures! Here are the ones that, in my opinion,  should have a place in your bucket list.

Enjoy this week’s photo challenge!


Feel the thrill of ancient Christians in Rome’s catacombs

Delightfullyitaly.com_Appia antica_7

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Walk the trail from Faraglioni to Natural Arch in Capri

www.delightfullyitaly.com-Capri_Faraglioni walking tour_30

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Descend the 50 meters deep Pozzo di San Patrizio in  Orvieto


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Assist to Assisi mystical Stations of the Cross

Delightfullyitaly_Assisi_Via Crucis_10

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Participate to Venice Carnival and pretend you’re Casanova

Venezia 2014_204

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Sky on Europe’s largest glacier


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Climb on St Peter’s dome and admire Rome from above

St Peter's square from cupola

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Spend a night (or more!) in a true Tuscany castle

Castello La Grancia 1

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Wander in Rome at night

Visit Rome_Rome_night_Piazza Navona_ Fontana dei quattro fiumi_01

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Discover (and enjoy) Italy’s unexpected food

Visit Italy_Capesante gratinate

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Enjoy your Italian adventures!


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  1. Hi. Which is the quickest way from st Peter’s to the catacombs and can you buy tickets in advance to save queues?

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