Fabulous Venice Carnival


What to see, do and enjoy during Venice carnival, an unmissable Italian event.

Venice Carnival is much more than costumed chaos: parades, processions, masquerade balls, entertainment, music, and parties… well Venice Carnival will offer you everything you need to live a really unique and rewarding experience (especially if you manage to avoid week ends, when the town gets really crowded).

Venezia 2014_135Having just attended the opening of Venice Carnival 2015 edition, I can witness that it’s not at all the touristic trap one can imagine (well, maybe just a little bit…). The atmosphere is great, the costumes gorgeous, with people coming from all over the world to wear elaborate and imaginative masks and costumes and to participate to the “best costume competition”.

Of course, the Carnival is also a Child events, with many activities especially though and scheduled for them, and it is not uncommon to see whole families happily wondering in the streets around San Marco, all wearing their fancy costumes!


The Carnival of Venice costumes are famous the world over, and include ornate gowns and flowing cloaks, as well as many different masks that can be purchased on the cheap from temporary stalls or for quite a bit of money from celebrated artisans who still make them painstakingly by hand.

Venezia 2014_191


Venice Carnival 2014 edition is taking place right now, and will go on until March 4, so if you are in Italy right now, do consider at least a day trip to Venice: don’t miss this fabulous event! (for more info, click here for the official Venice Carnival site).

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Venezia 2014_258 Venezia 2014_251 Venezia 2014_244 Venezia 2014_240

Venezia 2014_204

Venezia 2014_229 Venezia 2014_223 Venezia 2014_215 Venezia 2014_205

Venezia 2014_200  Venezia 2014_149  Venezia 2014_133 Venezia 2014_100 www.delightfullyitaly.com_Venice-Carnival_2 Venezia 2014_087 Venezia 2014_298

Travel tips: 2015 Venice Carnival will go on until February 17. Here is the official Vencie Carnival site, where to find the events calendar http://www.carnevale.venezia.it/en/

Buon Carnevale a tutti!


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