Romantic Florence

Sunset in FlorenceWhen in Florence, take the steps up to piazzale Michelangelo and enjoy the best and most romantic view of Florence at sunset!




2 thoughts on “Romantic Florence

  1. My daughter & I are visiting Tuscany, Pisa 11-18 May.
    We have booked 1 night in Pisa & 3 nights in Lucca.
    Would we be able to get to see Florence & Cinque Terra?
    Manny thanks


    • Hi Rita. From a logistics point of view, yes, you can: Pisa is one hour train from Monterosso (the largest CT Hamlet), and you can get from Lucca to Florence by train in 1,5 hours. However, your 4 days may end up being very crowded, with a lot of trains and limited time to enjoy the sights. Consider than CT are best visited by boat or hiking, and this will add logistics complexity to your trip.
      An additional tip: if you plan to climb on top of the leaning tower, you absolutely need to reserve it! (


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