Tremiti islands, pearls in the Adriatic sea

How to plan a trip to the Tremiti islands, one of the best kept secrets of the Adriatic sea, and how to get the most out of your stay.

In front of the Gargano peninsula, in the Northern part of Puglia, lies a miniature paradise surrounded by the blue sea: the Tremiti islands.

Tremiti Map

Tremiti are a delightful archipelago of three islands (San Nicola, San Domino and Capraia), 36km offshore of the Gargano peninsula, in the Northern part of Apulia.

Its picturesque sight of raggedy cliffs, sandy coves and thick pine woods, surrounded by the glittering dark-blue fascinates the happy few travelers happy enough  to spend there a few days . Tremiti islands are a maritime reserve, and their surprisingly clear deep blue water make them a real wonder of nature for snorkeling and. diving enthusiasts.

How to get to the Tremiti islands

There are numerous ferry crossings operating from Italy to Tremiti Islands. Getting to the Tremiti islands is quite simple. Ferries currently leave from Termoli (the main harbour), Vieste, Peschici and Rodi Garganico. The main arrival Harbor in the Tremiti islands is San Domino and the navigation lasts around one hour.

Click on the image to open the interactive Google map.

You can book your Ferry with 3 navigation companies: NLG, Tirrenia and Gruppo Armatori Garganici. You can also book your ticket on Direct Ferries site.

Prices vary according to the season and speed of the boat, but generally range from 13€ to 18€ per person, each way.

Select San Domino as your destination port. It’s on the main island, where most hotels, restaurant and  boat rental companies are located. If you arrive in San Nicola you will need to take an additional boat to get to the San Domino harbour, just a few minutes away.

Shall you visit Tremiti islands on a day trip?

Well, this could be a possibility if you are short of time or if you have a lready booked your stay in Vieste or in the Gargano area.

Many operators organize day trips, or you could just take a return ticket with one of the Ferry operators.

However, I would strogly suggest to spend at least one or two days in the Tremity islands. This will give you enough time to explore, and  you will enjoy the islands almost on your own, without all the day trippers.

What’s the best way to visit Tremiti islands?

The best way of visiting Tremiti islands is hiring a small boat,locallii called Gommone. Tremiti islands don’t have many beaches, but the coast is gorgeous, full of coves, cliffs, rocks.

A boat will also give you full freedome to visit the entire archipelago, without just been stuack in San Domino.

You can rent a small boat or a Zodiac at Skizzo renting or at

Most of the pictures in this post are taken from a small boat.

When to visit the Tremiti islands?

In order to savour the islands’ tranquillity visit during the shoulder season, avoiding July and August, when the small islands receive a sometimes excessive quantity of tourists. June and September are just perfect.

Where to stay in the Tremiti islands?

There aren’t many hotels in the Tremiti islands (that’s part of their charme). All keep a kind of 70’s flavor, and some may need a gentle refresh…

I stayed at the Hotel Eden, which offers good rooms and an amazing terrace with view over San Domino. One of the best choices in my view.

Another good choice is the Hotel Kyrie, a little more upscale than the Hotel Eden.

What to see and do in the The Tremiti islands?

Main atraction is of course the islands themselves. You could spend days admiring the  rocky coast, its coves and its exquisite grottoes, such the Del Sale, Delle Viole and Delle Murene.

Then you can take a water taxi or a ferry to San Nicola to visit the abbey of S. Maria a Mare, founded by the Benedictines in 1045, whose church built on early medieval foundations was gradually transformed from the XV to the XVIII centuries. Of particular interest is the floor decorated by a magnificent mosaic of the XI-XII centuries.

Evocative sunsets can be admired from the Island of San Nicola where, at sunset, a soft rosy color paints the whole panorama.


Your stay to the tremiti islands can easily be combined to a one week visit to Puglia, one of teh most beautiful regions of Italy. Follow the link to know more

Enjoy Tremiti islands!

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