Pantheon, the best preserved Roman monument


The Pantheon (“temple of all gods”) is one of the most amazing places you will find in Rome.

Emperor Adrian rebuilt it in 126 AD and, since then, it has been in continuous use, after becoming a church in the 7th century. This means that it didn’t suffer any of the damages, spoliation and destruction that transformed all the majestic Roman palaces and buildings into ruins. The 43 meters wide dome is an amazing engineering masterpiece: you need to wait until Brunnelleschi dome in Florence to find an equivalent achievement.

Walking inside the Pantheon will give you a true feeling of Roman greatness.

Opening times of the Pantheon:
The Basilica is open weekdays from 9,00am to 7.30 pm
On Sunday from 9,00am to 6pm.
On public holidays that fall on a weekday the Basilica will stay open
from 9,00am to 1pm.
Closed on: 1st January, 1st May and the 25th December

For a walking itinerary around the Pantheon, click here.


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  1. I was just in Roma last week and visited this masterpiece. Fantastic! And the piazza surrounding it is lively & fun. Great memories drinking prosecco in the sunshine, listening to the musicians performing while gazing at the Pantheon!

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