The 27 best beaches in Italy and how to get there

Best beaches in Italy_Cala Luna (Golfo di Orosei), Nuoro - Sardegna

The best beaches in Italy, organized by region and plotted on a best Italian beaches map.

Italy is worldwide known for its history, monuments and culture, but did you know that Italian beaches are among he best of the Mediterranean sea? Whichever destination you chose for your vacation, there will likely be an amazing beach nearby, where to recover between two days of visit.

So here is my selection of the best beaches in Italy. I got inspired by Skyscanner, Tripadvisor, Lonely Planet, and, of course, my own experience and tastes.

I organized my selection of Italy best beaches by region, and I plotted them on an interactive Google Italy best beaches map,  so to make it easier for you to plan your visits.

So enjoy your reading, and have your swimming costume ready to use!

Italy  beaches “best of” map

Let’s start with an overview. Here is my Italy best beaches map. Just click on the image to open the underlying Google map and get more precise directions.

Best beaches in Italy map

Best Italy beaches: best beaches of Sicily

1 – Spiaggia dei Conigli (Lampedusa), Agrigento – Sicilia

Not surprisingly, Tripadvisor nominated “most beautiful beach of the world” this amazing beach in the remote island of Lampedusa. You could easily mistake it for a Caribbean islannd, but this Mediterranean jewel is found in Italy!

Best beaches in Italy_Spiaggia dei Conigli, Lampedusa

2 – Spiaggia di San Vito, San Vito lo Capo – Sicilia

Amazing setting for the fabulous beach of San Vito lo Capo. This tourist resort of unquestionable charm is located not far from Trapani airport. Centuries of Arab influence have left their mark on local cuisine and now Couscous is the main local specialty. An annual event, the Cous Cous Fest, celebrates this blend of Arabic and Sicilian cuisine.

Best beaches in Italy_Spiaggia di San Vito, San Vito lo Capo, Trapani

3 – Cala Rossa, Favignana, Egadi – Sicilia

This Sicilian pearl of rare beauty is among the most famous of the island of Favignana, the largest of the Egadi archipelago. You can get there by ferry from Trapani. Once arrived, you’ll understand it was the right choice: in the small Cala Rossa bay the blue colors of the sea meet with the white sandstone walls, creating one of the most amazing coves of the Mediterranean sea.

Best beaches in Italy_Cala Rossa, Favignana, Egadi - Sicilia

4 – Area Marina Protetta del Plemmirio, Siracusa – Sicilia

A few kilometers from the center of Syracuse, in a pristine ecosystem, there is what is a real paradise for lovers of diving and snorkeling. You can reach it by car, ideal for quads, the descent to the sea is not really easy, but it is really worth it.

You can also visit this location by boat from Siracusa, to have some rest after visiting this beautiful city. Follow this link to learn more about Siracusa, a Unesco heritage site.

Best beaches in Italy_Area Marina Protetta del Plemmirio, Siracusa

5 – Scala dei Turchi, Realmonte – Sicilia

Just 15 minutes from the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento, the white of the rocky wall extends into the sea creating a wonderful scenery. The rock is an ideal springboard for bathers. In 2007 the municipality of Realmonte presented a request to UNESCO for the beach to be included among the World Heritage Sites.

Best Beaches in Italy_Scala dei Turchi, Realmonte - Sicilia

6 – Tonnarella dell’Uzzo (Riserva dello Zingaro), Trapani – Sicilia

The most beautiful Italian beach according to Skyscanner. In the heart of the Riserva dello Zingaro, access to this beach is subject to a fee (€ 5.00 full, € 3.00 reduced), but the sight is unparalleled. You can visit it by boat from San Vito lo Capo.

Best beaches in Italy_Tonnarella dell'Uzzo (Riserva dello Zingaro), Trapani - Sicilia

7 – Isola bella, Taormina – Sicilia

The Isola Bella is without doubt Taormina’s most beautiful beach. It is a pebble beach, lush vegetation. The islet is linked to the mainland by a narrow strip of beach which is covered by water at high tide.

It could actually be you hub to visit Taormina and the surrounding area. Follow this link to learn more about Taormina and the Isola Bella beach.

Best beaches in Italy - Isolabella beach_Taormina

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Best Italy beaches: best beaches of Sardinia

8 – Cala Luna (Golfo di Orosei), Nuoro – Sardinia

One of the most iconic  beaches of Sardinia, surrounded by wild nature and rather inaccessible if not by boat. Here you won’t find any beach resorts, the area is pristine and has a mixed soil of sand and pebbles, with a steep cliff behind and wonderful trails for trekking lovers.

Best beaches in Italy_Cala Luna (Golfo di Orosei), Nuoro - Sardegna

9 – Is Aruttas (Cabras), Oristano – Sardegna

This is a long stretch of fine grains of sand with an authentic, uncontaminated nature of Mediterranean scrub behind it. The sea, needless to say, is so beautiful that it looks like a painting. Is Aruttas il located near the small town of Oristano.

10 – Porto Giunco (Villasimius), Cagliari – Sardinia

White sand with pink shades for this amazing beach in the southern part of Sardinia. Pink shades are the result of the erosion of the pink granite rocks that characterizes this area.

Best beaches in Italy_Porto Giunco (Villasimius), Cagliari - Sardegna

11 – La Pelosa (Stintino), Sassari – Sardinia

Turquoise water and so christal clear that pictures seem a fake. Incredibly white sand, just like if you were on a Carribean island . But you are not.: you are in the Gulf of Asinara, in a bay protected by Capo Falcone and its Spanish tower.

Best beaches in Italy_La Pelosa (Stintino), Sassari - Sardegna

12 – Cala Goloritzè (Baunei), Ogliastra – Sardinia

Cala Goloritzè is arguably one of Italy most amazing beaches. It is located at the bottom of a ravine, in the area of ​​Ogliastra. It can be reached by boat or by land (1 hour walk).  Cala Goloritze is particularly famous for its pinnacle, about 143 meters high, which attracts numerous climbing enthusiasts.

Best beaches of Italy_Cala Goloritzè (Baunei), Ogliastra - Sardegna

13 – Cala Mariolu (Baunei), Ogliastra – Sardinia

A true natural paradise and Italy’s most beautiful beach in 2016 according to Tripadvisor. In Cala Mariolu you will find white sand, pink pebbles and a fantastic landscape.  No resorts nor restaurants here, just a  kiosk for drinks and refreshments and for renting umbrellas and snorkeling equipment. Best way to get here is by boat.

Best beaches of Italy_Cala Mariolu (Baunei), Ogliastra - Sardegna

14 – Su Giudeu, Domus de Maria – Sardinia

This beach is gorgeous, but this is only part of the story. Its many rocks just above the sea surface make it particularly suitable for underwater fishing and diving enthusiasts. It is also a resting place for flocks of flamingos, birdwatchers particularly like it.

Best beaches of Italy_Giudeu, Domus de Maria - Sardegna

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Best Italy beaches: best beaches of Puglia

15 – Torre Sant’Andrea (Melendugno), Lecce – Puglia

Located between the renowned Baia dei Turchi and Torre dell’Orso, this stretch of rocky coastis a true natural masterpiece. Here you will find small caves, inlets, and in general an uncontaminated area. You can easily walk from the parking lot, but expect to find crowds during high season.

Follow this link to discover all the many things you could do in Puglia.

Best beaches of Italy_Torre Sant'Andrea (Melendugno), Lecce - Puglia

16 – Punta Prosciutto (Porto Cesareo), lecce – Puglia

Punta Prosciutto is located close to Porto Cesareo, in the Salento region. This area is called “the Salento Maldives”, and the reason is as clear its blue waters.  White sandy beaches with dunes up to 8 meters high, a wild nature with very few hotels and resorts and a turquoise sea great the few foreign tourists.

Best beaches of Italy_Punta Prosciutto (Porto Cesareo), lecce - Puglia

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Best Italy beaches: best beaches of Liguria and Cinque Terre

17 – Baia del Silenzio (Sestri Levante), Genova – Liguria

The typical Liguria delightful colorful little houses frame the golden sandy beach of the Baia del silenzio. Located mid way between Portofino and Cinque Terre, Sestri Levante could be the perfect hub to explore the area.

Follow this link to learn more about Sestri Levante.

Best beaches in Italy_Baia del silenzio, sestri levante

18 – Spiaggia di Fegina (Monterosso al Mare), Genova, Liguria

The beach of Fegina in Monterosso is the largest of the Cinque Terre, and also the only sandy beach. It is practically in front of the station and is equipped with umbrellas but with stretches of free beach.

Follow this link to discover how to conveniently visit Cinque Terre if you are short of time.

19 – San Fruttuoso, Portofino – Liguria

This is an idyllic cove, with emerald water, a stunning landscape and a medieval abbey providing the backdrop. It’s a protected area, accessible only by foot or by boat, halfway between Portofino and Camogli.

Follow this link to learn more about how to visit San Fruttuoso and POrtofino.

Best beaches of Italy_San Fruttuoso, Portofino – Liguria


20 – Baia dei Saraceni, Finale Ligure – Liguria

Baia dei Saraceni is certainly one of the most beautiful destinations of the Liguria coast. This secluded cove is located between Finale Ligure and the pretty village of Vaigotti. It is famous for its fabulous colors, clear water and breathtaking cliffs. It is among the most picturesque tourist areas of Liguria and moreover it is completely free.

Best beaches of Italy_Baia dei Saraceni, Finale Ligure - Liguria

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Best beaches of Italy: best beaches of Amalfi coast and Campania

21 – The Faraglioni, Capri – Naples

Descending from the path that starts from the Belvedere of Punta Tragara, you reach the cliff at the foot of the Faraglioni. Here you will find two private establishments, both with restaurant, where it is a pleasure to spend the whole day. Not far away, in Marina Piccola, connected by sea, there is a small pebble beach, with umbrellas.

Follow this link to learn more about having a self guided  walking tour to the faraglioni and to the natural arch.

Best beaches of Italy_The Faraglioni, Capri – Naples

22 – Il fiordo di Furore, Amalfi – Campania

The Fiordo di Furore is a massive split of the rocky coast that insinuates towards the interior, creating an almost alpine panorama: high rock walls overlooking the sea that protect a wonderful small beach where you can isolate yourself from the world.

Follow this link to learn how to visit the best of the Amalfi coast in one week.

Best beaches of Italy_Il fiordo di Furore, Amalfi – Campania

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23 – Marina di Camerota, Salerno – Campania

Cala Bianca, in Marina di Camerota in the Cilento National Park, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is considered the main witness of the immense naturalistic value of the Tyrrhenian coast.

Best beaches of Italy_Marina di Camerota, Salerno - Campania

Best beaches of Italy: best beaches of Calabria

24 – Tropea, Vibo Valentia – Calabria

Here we are in the Costa degli Dei, in Calabria, and you can admire what is rightly considered the Pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The beach  is called the “Rotonda”, and is located just before an amazing sandstone cliff overlooking the blue sea.

Best beaches of Italy_Tropea, Vibo Valentia - Calabria

Best beaches of Italy: best beaches of Toscana

25 – Cala Violina, Scarlino – Toscana

The beach at Cala Violina, a sandy inlet of great beauty, received awards from the Legambiente (Environmental Association) for being one of the eleven most beautiful beaches in Italy. Extremely fine white sand and clear water particularly transparent are the trademarks of this beautiful beach.

Best beaches in Italy_Cala Violina, Scarlino - Toscana

26 – Spiaggia della Feniglia, Orbetello – Toscana

La Feniglia, located in the municipality of Orbetello, is a cordon of sand, called Tombolo. It extends for about 6 km and enjoys a white sand beach backed by a thick pine tree forest.

Best beaches of Italy_Spiaggia della Feniglia

27 – Spiaggia dell’Arenella, Isola del Giglio

North of Giglio Porto, on the slope facing the Argentario mountain, lays the Arenella beach, one of the smallest, most romantic and beautiful on the island of Giglio. You’ll need to catch a Ferry from Porto Santo Stefano to get there.

Best beaches of Italy - Spiaggia dell'Arenella, Isola del Giglio

So that were my top 27 Italian beaches, hope you liked the list! That said, I’m sure there are gorgeous beaches I didn’t mention, so please help me improve my post!

Which are the Italian best beaches according to you? Let me know in the comments, share your pictures and descriptions, and I’ll include your suggestions in my post!

Enjoy your Italian beaches!



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Aperitivo time starts around 6:00 PM, when the Bolognese finish their work and study activities, and can go on pretty late, often substituting the dinner: you may hardly still be hungry after a large cured meats and cheese “tagliere” and delicious “bruschette”.

Aperitivo in Bologna is an old and very popular tradition, just like in Milan and in Venice. On top of that, Bologna is a beautiful and lively town, so people just like to stay out, enjoy a drink and spend time with their friends.

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Mentioning them all in this post is unfortunately not possible, so I’m just sharing my favorite places, the ones where I go when I’m in Bologna. Feel free to add your own in the comments!

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Seven day in Puglia will give you the opportunity to enjoy:

  • 25 centuries of history, starting from the Greeks. Actually local dialects still reflects Greek roots, and the Salento central area is called “Grecìa Salentina”
  • Amazing architectures: the Trulli country houses and their unique cones, secluded fortified country houses, the “masserie”, fascinating Barocco churches
  • Breathtaking landscapes, featuring endless century old olive trees plantations under the Mediterranean cobalto blue sky
  • Arguably some of the best beaches and cliffs of the Mediterranean.

Is that enough to motivate you? If yes, then hurry up.

So far mainstream tourist flows have mysteriously ignored Puglia. However, things are changing and this fantastic region is rapidly becoming a top Italian and European destination.

Your Puglia itinerary can be a self standing one week fly and drive vacation or the continuation of a “classical” Italian trip. Either way, you will be delighted!

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Actually, Portofino is one of the most upscale destination you may find in Italy, and its name is a synonym of Jet Set, Luxury and high life. It is a place for the rich and the famous, and for ordinary people that enjoy contemplating upscale way of life.

Portofino delightful colored tiny harbor hides fashion boutiques, starred restaurants and luxurious hotels. It’s completely different from Cinque Terre, and will give you a different flavor of Italian taste for beautiful locations.

In this post I will tell you how to visit Portofino in one day, either from Cinque Terre or from Milan. I will also disclose a hidden jewell you may miss otherwise: secluded San Fruttuoso abbey and its amazing cove.

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Matera Italy, is a unique and unmissable destination, and you should do your best to squeeze it into your Italian itinerary.

Matera is getting more and more importance as one of Italy Must Sees, and for excellent reasons. Unesco site, 2019’s European Capital of Culture, movie set for Mel Gibson The passion of Christ, 7000 years of history. What else would you ask for?

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Garda lake in 1 week – a 7 days itinerary to discover the amazing lake Garda region

A Garda lake 1 week itinerary to discover one of the most charming Italy destinations.  Disclose Garda lake must sees such as Sirmione, Garda SPAs, Gardaland

Garda lake in 1 day - Sirmione Castle

Spending 1 week at Garda lake will give you enough time to visit this beautiful areas and the surrounding region, and to enjoy a number of local experiences.

Garda lake is the largest Italian lake and, in my view, the most beautiful and interesting one to spend one week. First, the sights: you are in the Dolomite region, and the light grey-pink cliffs plunging in the lake are just  breathtaking. Second, the history: Garda lake was part of the Serenissima,  and you can see everywhere in the ancient hamlets the influence of the Venetian beautiful architecture. Third, you are close to a number of great day trip destinations, such as Verona, Mantova and Trento. Fourth, food and wine are great, from Amarone to Prosecco, and wine tasting at a local estate is an unmissable experience. Fifth, the theme park, such as world known Gardaland. Sixth… well, you’ll need to read the post to know more…

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Why a day trip to Bergamo, Italy? Well, you have spent some days in Milan, enjoyed the bustling life, the glamorous atmosphere, fashion, design, and all the Milanese typical excitement. If you are now looking for something completely different, closer to the “Italian” cliché of history, art, nature and traditional food, then spending one day in  Bergamo, Italy is the best option for you.

Bergamo is a delightful small town, perched on a steep hill side and surrounded by impressive walls. Actually, there are two Bergamo: Bergamo alta (“upper Bergamo”), the historical center, and Bergamo bassa (“lower Bergamo”), built in  more recent times. In this Bergamo in one day post I will focus on Bergamo alta, but if you have time Bergamo bassa is worth a visit as well. If you plan to spend one full day in Bergamo you will have enough time to visit both.

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How to go from Milan to Bellagio – a self guided tour

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How to go from Milan to Como lake main destinations: Como and Bellagio. A complete set of options and travel tips from MIlan to Bellagio and a travel map.

Como lake (actually we should call it Lario lake) is one of North Italy  top destinations, and lovely Bellagio is its pearl. Despite being relatively close to Milan, getting there as independent travelers could be tricky. So here is a quick guideto go from Milan to Bellagio, for a day trip or for a longer period.

Just in case you feel happily on holiday and not interested in handling Italian public transports: click here for a nice day tour from Milan!

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Best 20 things to do in Umbria: discover Italy most underrated region

Best things to do in Umbria

A insider’s guide about the 20 best things to do in Umbria, one of Italy most fascinating regions of Italy, still off the mainstream touristic itineraries

It’s hard to select just 20 best things to do in Umbria, Italy. In my view, Umbria is one of Italy best kept secrets. It displays fascinating towns and villages, tons of culture, beautiful sceneries, fantastic food, cultural events and much more. And, despite that, it’s still ignored by mainstream tourism. Therefore, you won’t find the tourists crowds that will give you a hard time in Florence or San Gimignano. On the contrary, you will enjoy an atmosphere of bygone times, among the medieval paths, the palaces, the castles and the fortresses of charming villages.

This post is aimed at disclosing the best things to see and do in Umbria. I’m sure that after reading it you will want to squeeze Umbria into your Italy trip plan!

So here we go with the top 20 things to see and do in Umbria, Italy.

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One day in Burano – discover Venice lagoon islands

One day in Burano

One day in Burano: self guided day trip from Venice to discover Burano amazing colored houses,lovely Venice lagoon islands, secluded wineyards and delicious fish restaurants.

Tired of crowded Venice? Hungry to discover a completely different environment, where the scenery seems frozen in time? Then what you need is to spend one day in Burano and to enjoy the calm and beauty of Venice lagoon.

Actually most travellers visit 3 island at the same time, either self guided or with an organized tours. Murano, Burano, Torcello, in this order. My suggestion would be to go directly to Burano, so to skip the masses and to enjoy the island all for yourself.

You can then proceed to Torcello, before or after lunch, as you wish. If your pockets are deep enough, a lunch at the worldwide known Locanda Cipriani is a great experience, but an aperitivo could be good enough.

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Day trip to Cinque Terre

A short video to share what to do and see in a day trip to Cinque Terre. Explore the Monterosso – Vernazza trail, the scenic Sentiero Azzurro.

The easy walk from Monterosso to Vernazza is arguably the  most scenic and famous path in the Cinque Terre. You will walk among the renowned Cinque Terre vineyards (ever heard of Vermentino and Sciacchetrà?) and enjoy breathtaking views of the steep cliffs, blue sea and beautiful Monterosso and Vernazza sights.

Here is a quick video to anticipate what you will see when you get there.

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What to do in Italy at Christmas time

Centuries old Italian Christmas traditions, delightful Italian Christmas markets, delicious Italian Christmas cakes: here is the list of the five (plus one!) best things to do in Italy at Christmas time.

Discover Italian Nativity scenes

Delightfullyitaly.com_San Gregorio Armeno_131

Preparing a Nativity scene (“Presepe” in Italian) is a widespread Italian Christmas tradition, especially in Southern Italy. Every church will display a nativity scene, and some are real masterpieces, with moving elements and detailed scenes displaying Italian rural life in the XVIII and XIX centuries. Unsurprisingly, baby Jesus is only displayed after December 25th, while you will have to wait until the Epiphany to see the three wise men!

The largest and most famous nativity scenes can be found in St Peters square and on the Spanish steps, but exploring Rome or Naples churches to find the Nativity scenes you like the most can be a really funny way to spend an afternoon, especially on Christmas day when museums and other attractions are closed. If you travel with your children, they will surely enjoy! Continue reading “What to do in Italy at Christmas time”