Tailored Italian itineraries

Which place to visit in Italy? When to go? Where to stay? How to go travel from venice to Cinque Terre? Shall we rent a car? How to visit Vatican museum and skip the queue?

These (and many more!) are the questions I usually receive from Delightfully Italy users, So I decided to create a new service: the Tailored Italian Itinerary.

How does it work? Easy! You use the form below to tell me the size of your party, your arrival and departing dates, which places you would like to visit (if you already know!), your daily hotel budget and any additional information relevant to shape your Italian experience.

Based on these information I will send you:

  • A detailed itinerary, with optimized logistics, and links to the train operators web sites
  • What to see in the different destinations, including maps and walking tours – note that I will often refer to my posts, because they are good!
  • Links to the hotels I recommend for each location (2 or 3 choices), after checking availability in the dates relevant for you – I’m a Booking.com affiliate
  • Links to recommended museums, attactions and guided tours, so that you can pre-book, skip the queue and save time – I’m a Ticketbar affiliate
  • Tips, ideas and suggestions based on my personal experience, plus answers to any question you may have about your trip

Here is an example of what you will get: Travel itinerary_Michelle_2017-07-08

As you can imagine, it’s a lot of work. After a pilot phase during which I offered this service for free, I received so many enquiries that I was forced to ask for a small fee. This is what I charge for your own tailored Italian Itineary:

  • 1 week itinerray: 79 €
  • 2 weeks itinerary: 139 €
  • 3 weeks or more: 219 €

I use Paypal to handle the payments, and I will ask for a 50 € downpayment before I start working on your trip planning.

So what are you waiting? Fill the form below and start your Italian adventure! I will answer to you by mail with my initial thougts and the link to my Paypal account.

Still have questions? send me a mail, and I’ll be more than happy to answer.


2 thoughts on “Tailored Italian itineraries

  1. One word “amazing”! We will be traveling with my family to Italy in a few weeks. Jean-Pierre responded within a day and gave me a great itinerary that was family friendly. Thank you so much! Would highly recommend!


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