Free travel advice

I’ve been living in Italy for almost 40 years now – and extensively traveled all over the country for the last 25. I love this country and I enjoy sharing my travel experiences.

I often get e-mails from new bloggers or people planning their next trip, I love helping out and sharing my advice and experiences. Actually, I’m an active contributor to Trip Advisor’s Italy travel forum. Here is the link to my posts, in case you wish to have a look.

If you are uncertain about what are the top sites to visit (and the out of the beaten path ones not to miss!), how to travel from one place to the other, or which are the most charming places to eat and sleep, just contact me, I’ll be more than happy to answer to your inquiries!

Please note that I will do it during my spare time. I do answer to all the inquiries I receive, but sometimes it may not be “in real time”.


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