Italy travel directions


In this page I collected the most significant answers that I gave in my “Free Travel Advice” page, just follow the links in the drop down menu.

If you are uncertain about what are the top sites to visit (and the out of the beaten path ones not to miss!), how to travel from one place to the other, or which are the most charming places to eat and sleep, just contact me, I’ll be more than happy to answer to your inquiries!


2 thoughts on “Italy travel directions

    • Hi Denise, in Sestri I suggest the “Portobello” (ask for a table in the terrace) and the “Cantina del Polpo” (for delicious typical food).In Venice try the “Osteria misericordia” in the Cannaregio district (cheap, out of the neaten path) and the “Trattoria da Gigio”, more upsacle – bust most of all you have to try the “Cicchetti”, delicious apetizers you eat with a glass of whine (you can actually have a full dinner of lunch with Cicchetti!). My favorite place: Cantina Do Mori, close to the Rialto market. I havn’t been in Turin for many years, I remember eatin (very well!) at the “L’oca fola” and at the “Sotto la mole”, but it was more than 10 years ago, so I can’t guarantee!
      Buon appetito!


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