Driving in Tuscany

Fabre, just asking what the roads would be like to drive on from Florence to the Tuscany region. I am a little tempted. Which villages in the Tuscany region can be reached by public transport?

lol, Kim


Hi Kim.

In Tuscany you can use highways to get to Pistoia-Pisa-Lucca and to Arezzo. A road very close to a highway (4 lanes, no toll) gets to Siena, Monteriggioni and Colle Val D’Elsa. All other roads are country roads, 2 lanes, sometimes narrow, and with a lot of turns (that’s what makes them so nice, in my view!). Speed limit is normally 70 Km/hour.

Public transport should allow you to easily get to main cities close to Florence, but it will get more difficult (and slow!) to get to places such as Montalcino, Val D’Orcia, bagno Vignoni, …).

Some time tables here:


In my opinion, better to rent a car!



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