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Hi – I found your website on Trip Advisor.  It looks great!  Since you are offering advice, I’d like your opinion on which city in Tuscany to visit using the train or bus from Florence.   We want to get away from the tourist crowds and enjoy some lovely Tuscany scenery.  We will be there in early April.  If you have a suggestion with advice on how to get there, it would be appreciated.


Hi Janette, thanks for liking my blog and for dropping me a note.

As a disclaimer, let me say that I usually suggest to rent a car to better visit Tuscany. Public transport is OK, but requires much more time and doesn’t allow you to easily get to several places worth visiting. So do consider renting a car: it’s not that expensive, and driving in Tuscany is a very enjoyable experience!
Said so, coming back to your question, cities easily reachable by train from Florence are Pisa, Lucca, Siena (also served by bus).
By bus:
– Fiesole: 20′ from Florence, it’s a delightful village with fantastic views on Florence and good restaurants (I personaly loved this one: http://www.lareggiadeglietruschi.com/). To get there take bus n° 7 from piazza San Marco in Florence. This one is easy.
– Poggibonsi and Colle Val d’Elsa (known for it Cristal workshops). Here you are out of the beaten tracks, I personally like a lot Medieval Colle Val d’Elsa. It’s on the Florence-Siena Bus line, here are the time table http://www3.unisi.it/eventi/csgi/autobusfi.pdf
– From Poggibonsi you can get to San Gimignano. It’s rather touristic, but so beautiful! 20′ bus from Poggibonsi
– You can reach Greve in Chianti, the doorway of the Chianti area and a really nice little town (with the most amazing wine shop in the area) – here is the time schedule. http://www.acvbus.it/orari/365.pdf. Unfortunately it will be harder/time consuming to push further your exploration of the region (Castellina, Radda, Volpaia, …)
For southern Tuscany destinations, such as Montalcino, Pienza, Val d’Orcia, …  the optimal base is Siena, there are not in my knowledge convenient buses from Florence. If you wan’t to get there, you should consider an organized tour (…or a rented car!)
Hope this helps!
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Buon viaggio (“have a nice trip”)!



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