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Would you be so kind as to give me your recommendations on hotels For Rome, I have it narrowed down to Ponte Sisto Hotel, Forty-seven Hotel and Hotel Della Nazioni. In Florence I have narrowed it to Orto de Medici,Hotel Degli Oragi and Palazzo Apartments. In Venice the Ca Pisani, Starhotels Splendid and Monaco and Grand Canal. I will be traveling with a Travelscoot for walking great distances. I realize I may not be able to do all excursions but I am patient to wait and people watch while my sister does a more in depth visit of our chosen locations. Therefore I have chosen hotels which I think have elevators. Your expertise would be greatly appreciated. If you have other hotels that you would recommend, please do so. I sincerely appreciate your help.



Hi, here is my (very personal) opinion:

Rome hotels:

Ponte Sisto Hotel: very conveniently located, walking distance form Campo de Fiori, Trastevere and Piazza Navona. Ponte Sisto is a lovely, old pedestrian bridge, that leads to the medieval Trastevere neighborhood. All this area is flat, you shoundn’t have issues with your Travelscoot.

Forty-seven Hotel: posh hotel, close to Isola Tiberina, Trastevere, Bocca della Verità and Old Jewish ghetto. It’s less close to the main attractions than the other 2. It has a fantastic terrace, with views on the forum and on the Isola Tiberina, but is located on a large road with a lot of traffic . I actually had a couple of business breakfast there.

Hotel Della Nazioni: close to Fontana di Trevi, it’s a beautiful but rather crowded neighborhood. Here it could be a little more difficult to circulate with your Travelscoot.
So the choice is: convenient location (Ponte Sisto wins, in my opinion), Hotel charme and view (the the fourty seven)

Florence Hotels:

Orto de Medici: it’s (relatively) far from the city center, I wouldn’t recommend it

Hotel Degli Oragi. Maybe you intend this one If yes, go for it, the locaton is spectacular and you’re in the middle of the pedestrian area, 50 meters from Uffizi and 200 meters from Palazzo Vecchio

Palazzo Apartments: couldn’t find it. Is it this one: Location is OK, but I keep on preferring Hotel degli Orafi.

Venice Hotels:
Ca Pisani: beautifully refurbished and in a nice and “off the beaten path” neighborhood, close to nie museums such as Palazzo Grassi, Peggy Guggenheim museum and Punta della Dogana. You are are out of the most crowded area San Marco), but will need to cross a pedestrian bridge or to take a Ferry to get to P.zza San Marco and Rialto. I would personally be tempted, Nice Vivaldi concerts in nearby chiesa di San Vitale.

Starhotels Splendid : located between San Marco and Rialto, very central area but really crowded. From the web site the hotel looks really nice. Could be difficult to move with a Travelscoot (plenty of small bridges)

Monaco and Grand Canal: fantastic location a footstep from piazza San Marco. Rooms look oldish and less attractive compared to the other two.

I think you should make a choice based on how important it is for you to be in the very center of Venice, and how you plan to move around (if you plan to mostly use ferries, as you would do with a Travelscoot, then Starhotel may not be a convenient option). Same, you could prefer to stay in a more “authentic” neighborhood (thenCa Pisani) or in the very center of Venice (then Monaco & Gran Canal). I can’t really help you more than that.
I will stay next week (carnival time) at hotel Foscari Palace, on the Gran Canal just in front of Rialto Market, I found a real bargain on Just in case you would like another option.


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