Cycling on history: discover Rome Appian Way and its catacombs

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 A bike itinerary to discover the Appian Way (“Appia Antica”) and its catacombs, one of the most fascinating destinations in Rome

The via Appia Antica is the old Roman Appian Way, which ran from Rome down to Brindisi, three hundred kilometers to the south. The stretch close to Rome is now part of a nature and archaeological park which includes early Christian catacombs, original Roman causeways, monuments and mausoleums, the remains of seven Roman aqueducts dating back to the Republican and Imperial age, and large, untouched rural landscapes dotted with cypress and maritime pines.

Walking or riding a bike along the Via Appia Antica is a refreshing change from the city, particularly on Sundays when the area is closed to traffic. The road is attractive and atmospheric, with plenty of grassy spots where to relax and to picnic. You could easily spend a whole day here (the complete itinerary is more than 30 Km long!), but with so much else to see in Rome most visitors spend there just two hours or less.

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