The 27 best beaches in Italy and how to get there

Best beaches in Italy_Cala Luna (Golfo di Orosei), Nuoro - Sardegna

The best beaches in Italy, organized by region and plotted on a best Italian beaches map.

Italy is worldwide known for its history, monuments and culture, but did you know that Italian beaches are among he best of the Mediterranean sea? Whichever destination you chose for your vacation, there will likely be an amazing beach nearby, where to recover between two days of visit.

So here is my selection of the best beaches in Italy. I got inspired by Skyscanner, Tripadvisor, Lonely Planet, and, of course, my own experience and tastes.

I organized my selection of Italy best beaches by region, and I plotted them on an interactive Google Italy best beaches map,  so to make it easier for you to plan your visits.

So enjoy your reading, and have your swimming costume ready to use!

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