Lucca cathedral masterpiece – Ilaria’s funeral monument


Famous Iacopo della Quercia gorgeously sculptured the Ilaria del Carretto tomb in the 15th century.

Ilaria died when she was only 26, giving birth to her second child. This is not only one of the most awesome funeral monuments in Italy, but also a moving witness of teh ethernal love for this unfortunate beautiful lady.

The funeral monument can be visited in Lucca’s Cattedrale di San Martino.




One day in Lucca: best things to do including city walls biking

One day in Lucca

Best things to do if you manage to spend one day in Lucca, Italy. A walking and biking itinerary to discover Lucca in one day (even though spending 2 days in Lucca would give you a much better opportunity to enjoy this lovely town). Use the enclosed Lucca Map to optimize your Lucca in one day tour.

Lucca is an unmissable destination in Tuscany and one day is the minimum amount of time you should dedicate to its visit. Despite is relatively small site, its city center hosts amazing monuments and sights, dating from Roman age to renaissance. But what makes Lucca really unique are its  Renaissance-era city walls that have remained intact while so many other Tuscan towns saw theirs destroyed in past centuries.

Since Lucca isn’t a hilltop village, it is ideal for anyone with mobility issues as well as for families with kids.

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