Climb on top of Etna Volcano, the highest active volcano in Europe!

Easy guide to learn how  to safely climb up the highest active Volcano in Europe. A perfect day trip from Taormina or Catania.

Why you shouldn’t miss Etna Volcano

You have surely seen mount Etna as the landscape of Taormina Greek theater. It’s an iconic view that can be seen in all postcards in Sicily and that makes Etna one of Sicily most popular destinations. That could already be a good reason to see the stuff with your own eyes!

The Greek theater and mount Etna

That said, there are many other reasons that make Etna Volcano is an experience not to be missed when visiting Sicily.

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Taormina in one day: what to do and see and where to stay

Taormina in one day: the Greek theater and mount Etna
The Greek theater and mount Etna

An easy itinerary to discover what to do in Taormina in one day, including the medieval hamlet, the Greek theater and the astonishing views on Etna Volcano

It’s pretty easy to explore Taormina in one day, even though once you discover this delightful Sicilian hamlet you will certainly be tempted to spend there much more time. Two or three days would be perfect, also to enjoy Taormina breathtaking beaches.

French writer Guy de Maupassant used to say: “Should you only have one day to spend in Sicily and you ask me ‘what is there to see?’ I would reply ‘Taormina’ without any hesitation. It is only a landscape but one in which you can find everything that seems to have been created to seduce the eyes, the mind and the imagination.” 

Indeed, Taormina is one of the most amazing  destinations in Sicily and, arguably, in the world. Where else would you be able to sit on a 23 centuries old Greek theater, built on a natural terrace overlooking the deep blue Ionian sea,  with the highest European volcano snowy peak on the horizon?

Taormina is not only a delightfully medieval village with astonishing views and sights, but it is also famous for its beaches, including the Isola Bella, a tiny island connected to the main land by a narrow stretch of land that can only be seen if the tide is low. Visiting Taormina in one day (or, ideally, two or three) will allow you to wonderfully combine seaside, culture and entertainment.

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