Santa Cecilia in Trastevere


Santa Cecilia in Trastevere is a beautiful ancient church, off the mainstream Trastevere restaurants and night life district.  5th-century church in Rome, Italy, devoted to Saint Cecilia, in the Trastevere rione.

The church is devoted to the Roman martyr Cecilia, martyred by the late fifth century. St. Cecilia was a native of Rome, of a good family, and educated in the principles and perfect practice of the Christian religion. In her youth she by vow consecrated her virginity to God, yet was compelled by her parents to marry a nobleman named Valerian. Him she converted to the faith, and soon after gained to the same his brother Tiburtius. The men first suffered martyrdom, being beheaded for the faith. St. Cecilia finished her glorious triumph some days after them.

Santa Cecilia hosts a poignant statue of the saint, which depicts the three axe strokes described in the 5th-century account of her martyrdom.

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Walking tour in Trastevere: perfect itinerary in Rome most typical district

Explore Trastevere, an unmissable neighborhood in Rome. All the info you need to enjoy this lovely area, including pictures and Google map.

Trastevere walking tour overview

Have you ever dreamed to discover what Rome looked like a couple of centuries ago? Narrow stone paved streets lined by medieval houses? Then take a Trastevere walking tour to enjoy this charming medieval neighborhood full of romance and history. My Trastevere walking tour Google map will help you find your way in the maze of this unique district.

Trastevere is named for its position ‘over the Tiber’. Separated from the heart of central Rome by the river, the area retained its narrow lanes and working-class population when the rest of Rome began its nineteenth-century expansion. Despite its being a major touristic destination, it has managed to preserve a strong local (and “Roman”!) identity. Therefore, it’s not too difficult to step off the main routes and escape the masses. To make sure you have Trastevere all for yourself, plan your visit in the morning and take some time to walk out of the beaten path.

Trastevere could also be an interesting district to spend your days in Rome: it’s a charming neighborhood, close to the city center and to St Peter. You should consider it as you top location when looking for a place to stay in Rome.

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Here is the itinerary, click on the image to access google Maps for more details.

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