Venice with kids – how to make it a memorable experience

Top activities to do in Venice with kids: a two days itinerary for a great family experience. How to engage and entertain your younger travel mates in Venice.

 Visiting Venice can be a magical experience for kids, just like it is for their parents. My son is 9, and Venice is his favorite city, we have been visiting it at least  once per year in the last years.

However, in order to make your Venice with Kids experience a memorable success, you’ll need to tailor your itinerary and activities in order to best fit your children needs needs and to stimulate their interests.

In this post I put together all the “do and see” that I think kids will enjoy, based on my own travel experience with my son. It’s actually rather “stuffed”, so up to you to select what to skip and what could be more adapted to your family, based on your interests, the available time, age and resistance of the kids, etc…

Here are my suggestions for a two days stay. Continue reading “Venice with kids – how to make it a memorable experience”