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The best place to stay to discover Italy. Charming boutique hotels, historical palaces, ancient castles, gorgeous country houses will ensure a special flavor to your Italian trip

Choosing the right place to stay in Italy can make your Italian tour a truly memorable experience. In this page I’m sharing my personal selection of Italian hotels: these are the hotels I sleep in when I travel around Italy, chosen after careful selection and many trials.

When I choose a hotel, my main selection criteria are location, ambiance and local flavor. I look for comfort, not for luxury, and I always try to find hotels with awesome views or located in great settings. Most of them will be in the 100-200 €/night price range (but look on for promotions!)

Best hotels in Venice

Venezia 2014_165

By far my favorite hotel in Venice, the Foscary Palace is very conveniently located between the station and San Marco, just in front of the Rialto market, that you can reach by the “local” Gondola service (2 €)

A good alternative, off the beaten path in the Dorsoduro Neighbourhood, is the hotel Pausania. It occupies a gothic palace, and is incredibly romantic.

Best hotels in Florence

Florence by night_161

I recently discovered the Grand Hotel Cavour, thanks to a promotion, and I made it my preferred hotel in Florence. It is located between the cathedral and Palazzo Vecchio, perfect location to discover Florence by feet. Special bonus: a fantastic terrace overlooking the cathedral wile sipping a cocktail. Simply wow!


Best hotels in Tuscany country side


There are dozens of great accommodations were you could stay to enjoy the lovely Tuscany country side.

To visit the area around Siena, I would suggest to sleep in Monteriggioni, lovely medieval fortified village. Sleep either in Hotel Monteriggioni or in the Hotel Castel Pietraio (it’s a true castle!)

In the area of Pienza (your destination for the Val ‘Orcia), you will find another true castle, the agriturismo la Grancia, which occupies part of the old Castello di Spedaletto, which was built in the XII century along the old Via Francigena (the path followed by pilgrims walking their way down to Rome). Your kids will love it!

Best hotels in Rome

www.delightfullyitaly.com_Spanish steps_44

My pic in Rome is the Hotel la Lumiere, a delightful hotel hidden a few blocks away from the Spanish steps, in posh via Condotti (Rome shopping street). Rooms can be a little small, but location is perfect to discover Barocco Rome by foot, and breakfasts are served on a lovely terrace overlooking Rome ancient roofs. The Hotel La Lumiere belongs to a small chain, with to other similar hotels (not tested).

This is just a quick selection. Want more? drop me a note! Have your own preferred hotel? Leave a comment to share!

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  1. Hello, I have enjoyed your site so far. Great info. My wife and I are going to explore Italy from July 27th to August 27th. We will be coming from Barcelona via train after walking the Camino De Santiago. We want to see the regular tourist stops but also enjoy exploring local towns and meeting people. We are going to be traveling with our backpacks and be looking for budget hotels and possibly Hostels. My question is, do we need to book our entire stay in advance because of the time of year, or can we play it by ear and book as we go so we are not tied down to specific locations on specific days?

    1. You are travelling in high season, therefore I would strongly suggest you pre book your accommodation, so that you can secure the best properties and the most interesting rates. If you book refundable rates you will keep enough flexibility to change your programs, if you wish to do so. Enjoy Italy!

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